NON-EXECUTIVE SEARCH - Development Programme

The reasons for Non-Exec recruitment are varied; a business may be seeking to strengthen their general Board skills or in readiness for some specific corporate activity such as an IPO.

Alternatively, the business may wish to refocus their strategic plans or seek challenge and intervention from an external Director to counter the danger of ‘Group Think’.


Isantya’ s approach is the 1st of its kind in South Africa as our “screeners” are themselves experienced Non-Executives. Lerato M, a highly experienced Non Executive herself manages our  Non-Executive programme.

Isantya’ s programme consists of a highly experience group of Non-executives who by invitation, have joined and contribute to this knowledge base of professional information.


Our sourcing technique also includes traditional search techniques, but also desk-based research and networking. We maintain a highly confidential, but time continuous search approach.

⇥ Our Non-Executive programme members sit on our screen panel for interviews, each

     chosen for their unique background and experience according to the job specification.


⇥ We source Non-executives through search, networking and business schools.


⇥ Our professional fee is based on the specification and is a flat fee.

tel +27 10 035 5013