SPEED SEARCH - our search methodology 

At Isantya we believe that the search consultant of 2020 needs  to have a unique African skill set that not only provides clients with a professional search partner but a talent advisor.

Retainer based search fees are a relic from the past and the modern day headhunter needs to understand and interpret African corporate cultures, business structures, combined job descriptions and industry sector skills shortages. At Isantya, we have an innate understanding of these complex factors and ensure we drive our search assignments focusing on these elements.

We also believe that we are vested with the privilege of building a strong brand identity on behalf of our clients and that the talent we approach should retain a positive experience throughout the recruitment process.

⇥ Focus on speed and pin-point accuracy

⇥ Desk Based Research techniques

⇥ Sourcing from leading business schools

⇥ Fee based on Search Assignments from 20%

⇥ Contingency based

⇥ Executive’s included in our screen and selection panel

Our “speed search” methodology is focused on using the executive search approach to locate top talent for all our roles. We believe that true talent requires convincing to move and therefore employ a highly assertive approach without the traditional slowness  speed, agility and accuracy. We make use of certain desk research methodologies to ensure we pinpoint our targets rather than use a “shotgun” approach.

We align ourselves with our clients brands and sell our opportunities to high potential talent rather than just fill vacancies.

With Rob Ridout’s headhunting experience across industry sectors, business structures, functions, titles and various other commercial elements he is able to target and drive his team to find the best staff in shorter times using our highly successful Speed Search approach.

⇥ Focus on speed and quality  or what we like to call

⇥ SPEED SEARCH (assignment time frame 1 – 2 weeks)

⇥ 80% of our roles completed using Headhunting

⇥ High competitive fees

⇥ Candidates sourced from business schools across SA


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